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A Look at Kansas City Jazz

When most people think about Kansas City, our recent World Series win (go Royals!) or award-winning BBQ probably come to mind. However, Kansas City is the birthplace of more than just good food and baseball. There is a rich tradition of music in the city, home to one of the world’s greatest jazz crossroads; 18th and Vine.


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Enroll In A Music Program for Fall

It may still be early in August, but many kids are going back to school this week. It's time to finish those last few items on the "to do" list: get school supplies, shop for new sneakers, enroll in a music program. That's right, it's time to find the right music lessons or classes for the kids, and maybe yourself.


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Student Spotlight: Lauryn VonAhnen's Recording Studio Experience

In photo above: Lauryn performs at a student showcase with her voice teacher, Amy Lammeli, and guitar teacher, Becca Kephart.

Lauryn has always loved making music and performing. As a child she would stand on the coffee table and sing and dance for her family, wanting them to record her performance. Now, at fourteen, she's taking a big step toward her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter and recording artist. She recently spent some time in a professional studio, recording  her original songs, and it was quite an experience. Here are some of Lauryn's thoughts on her recording session:



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Free Lessons at Music House August 22 - 26


At Music House from August 22 - 26, we're offering free music lessons and classes. And if that's not enticing enough,  we're also offering 50% off the first month's tuition to new students. For each and every enrollment that results from this event, Music House will donate $25 to Blue Valley Education Foundation toward music education.  We are taking reservations for a limited number of free lesson and classes at both of our locations (Overland Park and Lenexa). 


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Tips for a Healthy Voice

Recently, it seems like we see a growing number of popular singers like Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake, and Adele canceling tour dates and even undergoing surgeries because of vocal injury. Too often, the demands of a busy schedule (required performances several nights in a row, the rigors of life on the road, etc.) can cause poor vocal health. Being aware of your own health as a singer and being conscious of proper vocal technique limits the possibility of developing any physical vocal problems.


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What To Do When Your Child Wants To Quit Music Lessons

 It's not uncommon for children to get to a point where they want to quit music lessons. Let's be honest, learning to play can be very rewarding, but it requires putting in the practice time to see improvement. For today's children, there are lots of activities: school, sports, video games, and many others. When the initial excitement of music lessons turns into "I want to quit," what should you do?


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7 Tips To Get Your Child Practicing


When children get the idea of learning to play an instrument, they imagine an almost magical process that leads to them easily playing just like the pros they see in videos. But learning to play a musical instrument takes regular practice. It's important to get in the habit of practicing at least several times a week, to learn new skills and progress toward goals. Even though a child might promise to practice "every day" when they are begging for music lessons, when it's time to practice, some children resist. Sometimes, parents think "I knew this would happen," because they remember being pushed to practice, and maybe even being punished if they didn't. 

How can you make practice less of a chore? Here are 7 tips to get your child to practice without the struggle.


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How To Find A Music Teacher Who Cares

Choosing the right music teacher can make a big difference in whether your music lessons are a success. And by success, I mean that they start you on a journey that makes music a part of your life that is satisfying. You learn a lot, you know how to practice, you feel good about your progress, you have fun, and you find that you are excited to learn more. 

There are all types of music teachers available, so how can you find the right one? One way is to find a music school that hires teachers that are not only musically qualified through education, teaching experience, and professional gigging experience, but also who truly care about their students and regularly go the extra mile to keep students engaged and excited, and lead them to success. This kind of music school does the work for you! 


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Chovette Brings 'Power Punk' to Music House

It's challenging to describe a band accurately. It's even harder for a band to describe itself without instantly feeling like they're pigeonholing themselves. After struggling to put their fingers on it, Music House band workshopChovette, unanimously (well, almost) described themselves as "power punk." Their workshop instructor, Brock Schwien, agreed and added his two cents: "Powerful, but intricate." 


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What Can You Learn By Singing In A Vocal Ensemble?

Being a part of a small vocal group can be a chance to expand your singing skills in ways not available to vocalists who only perform solo. In a small vocal ensemble, you can blend your voice with others to make beautiful, complex sounds, but unlike school choirs that have a large number of singers, each member gets a chance to carry their part, combining the experience of singing a solo with blending as a group. If you are looking to join a Kansas City vocal ensemble, Music House School has this kind of group.


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